About the author

Jonathan Lin (Jon) is a Certified Information Systems Auditor, that specializes in audit data analytics. Jonathan firmly believes that anything can be measured, and data should drive decision making. Jonathan promotes the deep integration of an audit analytics in the audit practice, and believes a well structured program can multiply the effectiveness of any audit team.

Trained as an IT Auditor, Jon had also led a geographically dispersed data analytics team at a Big 4 firm, before moving to industry to implement and operationalize a continuous monitoring program, detecting fraud and control issues with modern data analytics technology.

He was also a co-speaker with Sergiu Cernautan at the 2019 IIA International Conference in Anaheim, California, presenting on the “The Digitally Disruptive Internal Auditor: Future Proofing Your Internal Audit Function.”

Jon volunteers with the CalgaryR R User Group, helping promote R literacy through education and speakers in a diverse set of industries.


Thanks to those who have collaborated and contributed their time by reviewing and suggesting fixes: Kamille Espanol, Alex Hebbert, Ryan Liu. Your contributions have been greatly appreciated, and I can not thank you enough.